Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Small long-haired working dog of great beauty, the Shetland it is definitely not heavy crude. Fur, mane and davantino very thick, well-sculpted head and sweet expression are the salient features of this dog. Alert, gentle, intelligent, strong and brisk, Shetland is also affectionate and receptive to the master but rather reserved with strangers.

Nazionality: Australia.

Small dog. It has an elastic body of medium length. This terrier has an impressive muscle tone. His whole body is longer than tall.

Working Terrier strong and very active. Canino agile and with a lot of personality. Typical terrier lively, alert to burning. Very intelligent breed. Bold and fearless, friendly but with a quiet confidence. Could adapt to live always at home with the family. Very cute and playful. It must not be aggressive: biting the subjects are simply the result of a bad selection due to the fact that the breed, newly recognized, it has become all the rage.

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