E' un cane tranquillo ed emotivo. E' protettivo verso il padrone e molto affettuoso con i bambini. Ha un portamento nobile ed è dotato di grande intelligenza; sa essere devoto. Un buon addestramento lo rende perfetto per ogni compito; necessita di pazienza nell'insegnamento.

Nationality: Great Britain

Collies has old origin, but its ufficial recognition was came in 1860. Its name remember a -black snout and legs- sheep breed.

Dogs may be tall up to 55-60 cm, bitches up to 50-54 cm; they may have a weight of 22-32 kg. Head is flat among the ears, while the snout is prolongated to the nose, which is always black. Collies has sweet and alert eyes; ears are little and took backwards with a folded point. Body is extended differently to the total height and the tail is low but with folded point. Collies has rough coat: hair is less long on the snout, on the head and on the terminal point of ears. Caracteristic colours of collie are sable, sable & white, tricolour and blu-merle.

Collie is very quite and emotive. Collie is very home protective and very kindly with children. It has a noble carriage and it is very intelligent; it's devout but aggressive with whom it doesn't recognise. Good and patient training could make it perfect for every situation.

Collie is above all used as sheep-dog but it's able to make guard, rescue and guide for blind people. Thank to its wonderful and noble look it is above all a company friend.

Every day it should eat 300 gr of meal, 150 gr of rice and vegetables; it doesn't assimilate many calories, then it doesn't make fat easily.

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